WeLove札幌宿泊キャンペーン「お得を先取り 宿泊前売」販売について

当ホテルでは札幌市が実施する【 We Love 札幌宿泊キャンペーン 】事業へ参画をしております。

※前売券のご利用は専用プラン【 お得を先取り!宿泊前売専用プラン 】のみにご利用頂けます。




【必ずお読みください ※購入にあたっての注意事項】
【 お得を先取り!宿泊前売専用プラン 】のみに利用できます。
5.前売の1人あたりの販売上限数は、1回の申込みにつき4枚( 20,000 円分)までとなります。
6.前売の1人あたりの利用上限は、1回の旅行につき1施設4泊までで、1泊あたり1人1枚( 5,000 円分)までのご利用となります。
9.前売の利用にあたっては釣り銭はでません(宿泊料が5,000 円以下の支払いにも利用できます)。
施設の休館や休業、緊急事態宣言、まん延防止措置の発出等により利用できない場合がありますが、一切払い戻しはできません。期間内にご利用ください。 11.販売した前売を購入者が実際に使用することができず、利用対象期間を経過した場合に被った損害について、当館、キャンペーン事務局は責任を負いません。

WeLove Sapporo Lodging Campaign "Advance Sales for Lodging" Sales

We are participating in the "We Love Sapporo Lodging Campaign" conducted by the city of Sapporo.
Advance tickets are available, so please take this opportunity to consider staying in Sapporo City!
Please check the special website for details.

※Advance tickets can only be used for the special plan [Advance Purchase Plan].
Please note that this service is not available for other plans.

If you wish to purchase the tickets, please send an e-mail to our e-mail address "" with the required information (1) name of the purchaser, 2) address, 3) phone number, 4) maximum number of tickets you wish to purchase per application, and "I wish to purchase in advance".

Once we have confirmed your email, we will reply to you to confirm whether we can sell the number of items you wish to purchase, as well as provide you with the bank account information and payment deadline. (Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Please note that we will not issue advance tickets, but will confirm the details of your advance purchase with the "Hotel Advance Purchase Confirmation Card".

Please be sure to read the following precautions before purchasing.
Please make sure to read the following notes before purchasing.
1.Advance ticket use is an exclusive plan
This plan is only available for Only available for [Advance Purchase Plan].
Please note that this service is not available for other plans.
2.Advance sales are non-refundable, non-cancellable, and non-exchangeable for cash.
3.The "purchaser," "payer," and "guest" of the advance purchase must be in the same name.
4.Only the purchaser may use the advance purchase. It cannot be resold or transferred. However, if the purchaser has a companion, the advance purchase can be used for the companion (the companion must stay with the purchaser. (The companion must stay with the purchaser and cannot use the advance purchase for the companion's stay alone.
5.The maximum number of advance tickets sold per person is four per application (worth 20,000 yen).
6.The maximum amount of advance purchase per person is limited to one ticket (worth 5,000 yen) per person per night for a maximum of four nights per facility per trip.
7.When you check in on the day of advance purchase, you will be asked to present identification that proves that you are the purchaser and that you live in Hokkaido.
8.Advance tickets cannot be used in conjunction with other accommodation discount programs. Also, it cannot be used in conjunction with projects related to grants supported by Sapporo City.
9.No change will be given for advance purchase (can also be used to pay for lodging less than 5,000 yen).
10.Advance tickets are non-refundable in the event that the facility is closed or closed for the night
or in the event that a state of emergency is declared or measures are taken to prevent the spread of disease. Please use it within the period. 11.Neither the Museum nor the Campaign Office shall be liable for any damages incurred when the advance tickets sold are not actually used by the purchaser and the period of eligibility for use has passed.