【ホテルクラッセステイ札幌】令和2年4月・5月分 予約受付開始のお知らせ

ご予約は、ホテルクラッセステイ札幌 公式WEBサイトからお申込みいただけます。


■ ご予約は公式HPからがおトク!

【Hotel Classe Stay Sapporo】 Notice of reservation acceptance for April and May

We started accepting reservations for April and May on Monday the 20th of January.
(Reservations for the period from Wednesday the 1st of April to Sunday the 31st of May are only acceptable.)
Reservations can be made through the Hotel Classe Stay Sapporo official website.

■ All rooms are equipped with furniture, home appliances and kitchen facilities (sink & IH cooking heater, rice cooker)
* Furniture and home appliances: washing machine with drying function, microwave oven, TV, refrigerated freezer, electric kettle
* For long stay reservations of 5 nights or more, in addition to kitchen facilities, cooking utensils (pots, frying pans), dishes (plates, bowls, forks, spoons, chopsticks), etc. will be set free of charge.

■ Make reservations from the official website!